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Reading is FUNdamental!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

A few reasons why I spend my time reading with the leaders of our future...

The inability to read will limit the opportunities that one has in life. Historically, Black communities have been severely impacted by systemic racism and suffer from low literacy rates due to the lack of access to high quality primary and secondary educational resources. Consequently, the prison system is vastly overpopulated with Black people and plagued by high illiteracy rates. These factors clearly show that there is an undeniable correlation between mass incarceration and illiteracy.

With the ability to read, you have the power to reduce your risk of poverty, increase employability, increase social inclusion, and increase the ability to live a healthy lifestyle. Being able to read and comprehend significantly increases one’s chance to contribute and participate in society.

I hope my literary works will create and encourage fluent readers in these targeted and underserved communities; and that they will be productive and successful citizens in society that will also uplift and empower those that are around them.

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