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Jelani Hashim Bracey is a Black father, philanthropist, author and poet. His first book, “A Daddy is Born”, was written in 2019 and was inspired by his then 5-year-old son Jelani Hashim Bracey, II (JJ). This book details the pride, love, joy, and aspirations a father has for his child and the dedication it takes to be an awesome dad! This book became a launching pad for Jelani and he wrote the sequel to this work in 2020 called, “A Daddy is Born: Princess Edition”, as a tribute to his new born daughter, Jade.


Jelani continues to write books that tell amazing stories with vibrant illustrations that reflect diverse characters of African descent. His mission is to expose children and people everywhere to literary works that reflect the greatness and importance of Black history and culture; and to promote love, pride, and knowledge of self in Black children around the world.


Jelani also serves as the CEO of B.L.A.C.K. 2 LIFE, a nonprofit organization founded to empower black men to strengthen underserved communities through education and inspiration. Through his nonprofit, he is able to offer more access to reading and literacy by providing free books to kids all over the world.

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